Who Offers Auto Collision Repair Services in West Michigan?

Jerry's Body Shop can work on all makes and models

Colliding with a guardrail, deer, or another car can cause serious damage to your vehicle, making it dangerous to drive. Once a tow truck arrives on the scene, give the driver the address for Jerry's Body Shop, a full-service car body repair shop in Dorr, MI.

Our experienced technicians can...

  • Straighten the frame
  • Remove dents and other evidence of the accident
  • Replace damaged mechanical components and body panels

Our Experienced Technicians are I-CAR certified in MIG Welding, Aluminum Repair, Replacement, and Welding, Steering & Suspension, as well as Collision Repair & Electronics

That means we have the training required to provide...

  • All collision related repair services - including electric vehicles
  • Frame, Suspension, and Alignments
  • Steel and Aluminum repair and replacement services
  • Rust repair and replacement

Think of us when you need repair work done after an accident or if you're wanting to prolong the life of your current vehicle. #BetterCallJerrys

Our Expert Technicians are trained to repair your vehicle to restore it back to pre-collision condition.