Wheel Alignment & Suspension Services

Need Suspension Repair, Frame Work, or an Alignment?

Although many Mechanics could repair your vehicle, they are required to be licensed and registered with the State of Michigan to ensure their training is current with todays vehicles. Jerry's Body Shop of Dorr, MI has multiple licensed Technicians with OEM and I-CAR certificates.

We can also diagnose and resolve issues with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) Call (616) 681-9306 to schedule an appointment.

Rely on our licensed technicians in Dorr, MI

Call Jerry's Body Shop for your Suspension Repair, Frame Work and Alignment needs!

Vehicle undriveable? Have it towed to Jerry's Body Shop! Once you've signed a work authorization, our Service Writers will assess the damage with one of our Certified Technicians and provide you with a repair order to complete proper repairs.